S for Seeds

It's getting very cold here in Omaha! Almost all of the trees have lost their leaves and the view is usually gray or brown. 
Just today I went to the store and people were already talking about slippery roads.

This is my second year in this city, so I knew this was coming. 
And in anticipation of it I have been keeping my creative mode wide open. 
So yesterday I went across the street from my apartment to take pictures of what's left from the asters, coreopsis, cone-flowers and other plants that the city planted on a corner of a parking-lot.

In this same place I took some very colorful pictures some weeks ago when the monarch 
butterflies passed through this area on their way to Mexico. 
You can check it out those colorful pictures here
Reminder to myself: Yes Leticia, there is beauty in the brown and gray winter.
With this post I will link with ABC Wednesday


  1. Nice photos! thanks for visiting on blog..Hope keep visiting.

  2. Semillas muy bonitas con una exquisita textura y resplandecientes colores! Buenas fotos macro!

  3. i think that autumn gardens are pretty in their own way. I used seeds as my s word also. I just love that first picture of yours.

  4. Winter is a challenging time to find subjects to photograph. These are splendid!

  5. there is beauty even in decay, lovely to see a little glimpse of your part of the world.

  6. These are beautiful photos! One of the things I really enjoy about participating in ABCWednesday is meeting so many other interesting people!

  7. They way you photographed those makes them look really beautiful! Thanks for checking out my S!