First Time It Gets White

Yesterday people at the grocery store looked panicked. 
Then I heard the store intercom say, 
"Don't forget that today it will snow, make sure you get your milk if you don't 
want to go out to shovel tomorrow."  
I panicked too! 

I started keep an eye on the weather.
When I heard of all the snow they were predicting, I made plans to sleep in on Sunday morning. 

 But I forgot about the people that clean the roads when we get snow. 
Just like an annoying alarm clock they woke me up!

Oh yea, lets not complain, it's sunny! Awww!  But It's pretty after all! 

The birch tree at the back of my apartment looks so pretty with snow stuck in it's bark!

And in the afternoon I bundled up and went out there to take some pictures, I will share them later.
This is one of the many pictures I took. 

Wouldn't it be nice if these gas meters froze, so we get a break on our gas bill?

UPDATE: (After reading the wise comments)
Oops! Yes, if the meters freeze, I would  not be happy at all.  
I should be careful what I wish for! Thanks for the comments!



  1. The snow looks so pretty, I love your pictures! Keep warm. :)

  2. Hi, It snowed more after you took those photos, didn't it? It snowed all day here yesterday. We got a little over 5 inches.

    Our adult daughter spent Saturday night in Omaha, and decided to spend another night last night. I was glad she decided to do that, since we didn't know what condition the highway was.

    I stayed in all day yesterday, too, but my husband went out in the snow with our dog.

  3. The snow does make everything look so pretty.

    If the gas pipes froze you would also have no heat unless you have electricity. But it sure would be nice to have the bills "frozen".

    Enjoy and keep warm.

  4. Oh, but if the meters broke maybe you wouldn't have heat. That would not be so great!