Tiny Bouquets

From far away my lantana plant looks like a bush full of all orange flowers.  
But if we get a little closer we may see that it is actually full of little 
bouquets of pink, white, yellow and sometimes purple color!

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  1. What a beautiful plant, I really love the bright colours, just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful flowers and wonderful colors ! Nature is wonderful !
    Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Preciosas. Se parece a los geranios!!
    Un beso.

  4. Hi I came back again today after you had left a comment on my blog. I checked out your blog and would love to get updates. Could you add a Follow By E-Mail feature (easy to do on blogger) or Bloglovin so people could get updates.

    1. I've not blog for a long time and just got back, so I'm not used to the new ways to follow, It was easy for me to do it through blogger. I was looking to see what was out there nowadays, but now you have given me some ideas, thank you soo much!

  5. Lantanas are easy to grow and rewarding with their blooms!
    Thank you for participating in last week's Floral Friday Fotos. Look forward to seeing you link up again this week.