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I love lilies! These pink ones are my favorites.


September 16th is one of the most important days to celebrate in Mexico, it is Mexican Independence Day!
On that day the Mexican president comes to The Zocalo, the main plaza, at Mexico City. There he rings the same bell that was rung the day Mexico became free, and gives El Grito, the cry for Independence. The ceremony reaches the high point when the crowd joins in by proudly shouting out the names of the heroes of Mexico's Independence, to end with the exciting VIVA MEXICO!! Here is a video of it.


Some years ago the Nintendo DSi used to be the bomb.com for my kids and their friends.
I remember the struggle my friend and I had to make the kids put them down the day I took the picture below. Funny! Because now my kids DSi's are somewhere in the bottom of that odds and ends box!


When I was searching for a recipe for lentil soup, I found one that called for potatoes. 
Potatoes?! I wondered, I told myself that potatoes in my lentil soup was not going to taste good at all, 
and cooked the soup without potatoes. At the end, I put too much salt in the soup! I quickly peeled some potatoes and added them to my soup. Lentil soup with potatoes tastes good!


Mermaid at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Today mermaids can be found throughout Norfolk downtown and it's neighborhoods. 
They were introduced by attorney Peter Decker in November 1999. The idea came from his 
wife who was inspired from Chicago city's Cows on Parade. At that time sculptor 
Kevin Gallup mass-produced 130 mermaids and sold them for $2000.

But if you ask me, "Why are there mermaids all over Norfolk, Virginia?" My answer would be:
"To validate the made up stories of sea creatures that Navy sailors come back with".

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  1. I love lilies too ! Your flowers are wonderful !

  2. Beautiful lilies...funny about the Ninetendo. Sometimes we want something so bad and in no time, it is outdated.

  3. My daughter's favorite is the lily. I always think of her when I see one. Your pink one is beautiful. LOVED seeing the mermaid. I miss seeing them all over Norfolk. My hubby was born in Norfolk General, we were married in Chesapeake, and we lived in that area many years. Do you live there now, or did you visit the area? Loved seeing the Mexican Independence Day video as well. Such national pride. A good thing.

  4. The lilies and the mermaid are great! Tom The Backroads Traveller.

  5. isn't that funny about the ds's?! i also just came across my daughter's (she's 20) old ds recently and asked my boys (12) if they wanted it, they looked at me like i was so crazy! we goodwilled it. i remember when EVERYONE had to have one! i didn't know that about sept 16...funny, we all celebrate cinco de mayo though. i take any excuse to eat mexican food, my favorite! i remember seeing the mermaids in norfolk! thank you for playing willy nilly and have a great weekend!

  6. Enjoyed watching the video! The ceremony is quite impressive!

  7. Que pases un buen día el 16. Muy hermosos tus lirios, tienen un color precioso!!!
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un beso.

  8. I need to introduce some pink lilies to my garden next year, mine are all orange and yellow at the moment. Thanks for sharing the Mexican Independence Day video, it was really interesting. I do love learning about new things that happen around the world.

  9. I hope you are enjoying living in Hampton Roads. As I said, it's my husband's home area and we have lived there a number of years off and on. Thanks for answering my question. Have a great week!