Some Of It

There were times when rearing kids got overwhelming. The feed got expensive,
cleaning after them was smelly, them climbing on my furniture and the never ending
chasing after them at round up time in the evenings was to much for me! I almost got on
Craigslist and E-bay and sold them for 2 a quarter, no returns, final sale and free shipping.

But now that years have gone by, I'm so glad I kept them! Once they're grown they
 come in handy. With a little training kids will wash dishes, take out trash, play piano
for me or cut the grass. And they're so happy with just a little of hugs!


It's already November 7th and I still have these caterpillars munching on the fennel and the parsley!


Love this 4 minute long video of a man making dolls

On a sad and frustrating note,  more than a month ago, in Mexico, 43 students 
went missing. Nobody has an idea where they are!  Things are getting heated up down there
As a mother, it saddens me to just think what the missing student's mothers are going 
through not knowing where their sons are.


Some years ago my kids were all about Lego. My son belonged to a Lego
 league and at home they made stop motion brick films, you can see them here and here.
 Then they forgot all about it. I even thought they had outgrown playing with legos!! Over the weekend
 we got a minifigure bag and this cute little pig came out of it. Well, now there are talks that my 
daughter might be making another stopmotion soon. Yay! 

Sharing with you and Willy Nilly Friday


  1. i miss when my kids were little, now i have one away at college, although she's only an hour and a half away but i miss her...then another going to graduate high school, then the twins are already in 7th grade...i want to rewind time! the lego videos are really cool! love the little piggie lego :) i hadn't heard about the missing students, gosh, that is just heartbreaking...prayers that they return home safely...so sad...thank you for linking and have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Your kids thing made me smile and I needed that. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. I enjoyed you talking about your children, so sweet and I remember my son enjoying playing lego's I have been reading the story of the students and was very sad for their parents, the anguish they must be going through. I do hope they will be returned soon.

  4. very cute lego! i can imagine the pain and joy of parenting. :)

  5. You forgot to make a link for the stop-motion. I've seen a few and they are pretty creative! Really cute post about the "kids" :-) And yes, so sad about those missing students. Now top officials have been arrested in regard to that, a man and his wife (governor?) and that breaks your heart, over the corruption!

  6. Yeah kids do eventually come in quite handy. I love being able to send them to the store when I don't feel like going myself. Actually kids are fun most of the time and not just for chores but for laughs and loves as well.
    Those caterpillars are cool.
    Loved the doll video, very talented man.
    Lego's are so cool and so different from the original plain block varities. Coleen is starting to get into using them now. Loved that pig one.

  7. Funny, these caterpillars are beautiful!

  8. My heart breaks for those kids and their parents in Mexico. {prayers for their safety}
    The caterpillars are not helping you in the garden….be gone with them!
    I LOVE the piggie lego; so cute.

  9. My kiddo loves Legos too. The piggy pinky is cute. Hope the caterpillars go away soon and leave your fennel and parsley alone.

  10. Es una pena lo que ha pasado con esos estudiantes, hoy leí que estan muertos, los han matado de una forma miserable, no sé como el ser humano es capaz de semejante atrocidad. Espero que les den un duro castigo.
    Te has buscado un buen ayudante. Mis hijos también jugaron con Lego;))
    Un beso.

  11. Your photos are beautiful, and the first one about kids for sale made me smile. :)