Power plant- Lego base

I have Lego blocks under my bed, in my kitchen, in my truck, even in my purse and sometimes they end up in my pockets.Alfa Rex dances when kids clap

My children love to build with Lego. I have bought them several Lego sets since their were babies. I liked to see them build things, breaking them down and put them back together again. I believe this will help them with fine motor skills, specially boys, that are not into doing girly stuff, like crafts. It inspires creativity, and using their minds they create houses, bridges, zoos and... I forgot what else. When they get a kit and have to put it together, they do it for themselves, and I just enjoy watching them getting challenged. Sometimes they follow the instructions correctly, other times they miss a step, and they have to do it all over again, good to learn problem solving and pay attention to read correctly. They also have participated in the First Lego League a league were participants compete using a robot from Lego call Mindstorms. They never had enough playing with this robot. When we met with the other team members, sometimes 2 times a week, I had to drag my kids out when it was time to go home, they just wanted to keep building, programing, and trying the Mindstorms robot.

Grandpa, grandma and me decided to put our moneys together and get the Mindstorms robot for my son's birthday. With this set they can build a animal robot, a vehicle robot, or a humanoid robots, and other robots that I don't know yet.

And if that is not enough we currently receive the Lego magazine and they to visit Lego. com regularly.

One day they will end up with a square head!
**With this post I will begin writing about some of the things the kids are into. This posts about kids, are for his friends and cousins in Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Atlanta, Nebraska and any boy and girl out there in the wide world that wants to read them.

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