Ida in Love with Hampton Roads

Ida visited Hampton Roads and decided to just hang around and pour water until we were all flooded. We stayed home doing school, and watched the wind blow leafs all over the place from our window. Then the lights started to blink and we lost power. The kids got a little scared, but it was only our street without power, we could see the rest of the neighborhood with their lights on. I told them that the power crew will come soon and fix it. I went to sleep and was sure that I was going to have power when I wake up the next day.We woke up and there was no power. Our stove is electrical and without power the microwave and refrigerator weren't working. Now, I'm scared, how will I warm my coffee water! and what will happen if they don't fix it today? All my food in the fridge will go bad. I thought this was a good day to be in denial and got ready to go to Barnes and Noble to look at shiny magazines with cool pictures.When we drove a couple of blocks, there was a big tree blocking the way. We were amazed how it fall in the road instead of the house and seemed that nobody was going by at the time it fall down. Thank God nobody was hurt. The kids ask me to go back home and get the camera to take pictures of it. Then we went around taking pictures of our wet city. When we came back the road was clear and the power was back. This happened Friday, but some people didn't get power until Sunday.
We took many pictures, this are some that I thought were good. The trees looked as if they were burning.

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