Christmas Decoration

This is the time the kids were waiting for!

We didn't put the Christmas tree before, because we were having my daughter's birthday party and we thought that was silly to have a Christmas tree on her party, but the day before Thanksgiving we started to decorate the house for Christmas.

This angel was left by one of my ex roommates.

M. Pagan: If you happen to read this post, I still have it!! We put it on top of the tree every Christmas since you left.

Oreo spent some time barking to this nativity set, it was pretty funny! She is really protective! We put this set in our front yard. I got the stuff from the attic, then I just sat around taking pictures. These kids did all the job, I just kept taking it into my heart, watching them so into Christmas.

I like crafts and for Christmas I really like to put decoration in harmony, not just trow them in. Some years ago I saw a show in TV, where a family was so upset, because the mom was all about perfection in the decoration for Christmas, so I asked the kids if they would like to just trow things here in there and their answer was: No!! mooomm!! We like it neat, matching, it has to be perfect, so it looks cool, the best tree in the world!! This made me so happy!

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