Christmas Reflections / Presents

Tomorrow will be Christmas, we will celebrate the most valuable present we ever got: Jesus. We know that December 25 is really not Jesus birthday, but for generations it's the day that we humans have done it, and since is the best that ever happened to the world there is no way we are going to skip it. Because of how the weather turns up in the winter, I think is the best time to be reminded about light.The winter days are shorter, most of them cloudy. I would say that winter is a time of darkness, yet we Christians celebrate light. Some people have Christmas decorations on their houses and forget to turn them off in the day time, when we see them we can't really appreciate the lights that blend with the daylight, but if we drive by, when the daylight is gone, when it gets dark, then we can truly appreciate the shiny lights, that is how I see celebrating Jesus birthday in the dark winter days.

In our house Santa does not bring the presents, because we don't have a chimney, we do have a small hole in our roof, but Santa does not want to take a chance to get stuck. No, no, I'm just kidding there is another reason why.

There was a time, that I was short of money to buy presents to my kids. My church had The Mateo Tree, where people in need put their name, and members of the church bought presents for their kids. I put my name on it, to get one more present for my kids. Then someone came to my house to drop off the present. There was not only one present, there were 16 presents! The kids saw that it was God, the one who provided for the presents. That is how Santa got fired in our house.

At Christmas we get and give presents because the present that God has given us in Jesus. So tomorrow December 25, it's all about presents and this is the idea I want to rub into the kids.

At this age my kids get presents no matter what. Maybe they deserve it, or maybe not. But, one day when they become adults and do things that does not please God, and come to Him for forgiveness, they will be forgiven, because Jesus came to this world to pay for their sins. They will not deserve it, but God will see what Jesus has done on the cross. Then they will again remember about this present I have been teaching them all this Christmas. Some time in October, or even before, the kids make their wishing list. then my friends and me buy the presents and hide them. Their list is too long, we don't buy all of them, only some. They don't know which one we bought, it is a surprise! Then one day I wrap them and put them under the tree. There was a time when they sneaked and opened the presents, that is why I first wrap them in plastic bags from the store, then put them in crackers boxes or any little boxes, then put duct tape around it, and wrap them with nice and shiny Christmas paper. There is not way these kids will outsmart their mom again!!

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