Count Down to Christmas

I wrote the story of the candy cane where I posted some pictures of these snowmen that we use to hang candy for the count down to Christmas. This year I will not use candy canes. Our family is having problems with triglycerides and we got into this strict diet. We feel much better without some weight in our bodies, we like the way we look, and hopefully the next time we go to the Lab for tests we get a better reading. But is been a little hard to not eat this or that.

I thought I treat the kids with some extra sugar and instead of one candy cane each day, they'll get nerds, gum, and their favorite candy, these sour octopus.

This year I kind of went back to be a Mommy, been cool with the kids, give them surprises... I will try to write about this, because this Christmas is been different from the lasts ones. But going back to the candy, the kids were very surprice that I bought the candy. Then I put it in plates so I can divide it into the 14 little bags and they were really confused.
I told them that I was feeding them candy for lunch and they looked at each other and said: no mom, tell us the truth, I had too much fun! Then I started filling the bags and they said: Oh, I know, we are having a party, right? I just kept going and watched them from the corner of my eye guessing what in the world was mom up to. Then the time came for me to hang the little bags and they figured it up. They really got excited, the poor ones didn't have any candy for awhile. I also wrapped the present and put them under the Christmas tree, all is left is to reach the bell and Christmas will be here.Two things come to my mind 1, they will appreciate each day their candy. Its not like the other times when they were eating it just because. This time it is really a treat. 2, Some times we get so caught up into don't eat this, don't eat that, and we don't even enjoy life. in Mexico we said: Pero me boy a morir contento. ( At least I'll die happy).

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