First Time Snowing

Some hours ago I was going to write about how sad we were, because our area didn't get any snow so far. I been reading blogs from all over the world and hearing the news about the white blanket covering their town, even somewhere in Texas!!But finally we got snow! It was already dark, the kids went crazy and went outside in the darkness, well, not to dark, we do live in a city, its just the photographer complaining.

They had to come back inside and bundle up good. Here I caught the shining eyes of the girl, she wanted to go outside and enjoy the snow, but she wanted to be warm.

After they played, throwing snow to each other, and got all cold they got inside to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa.

Were are so grateful for the snow, the kids had prayed for it. We also heard about some people loosing power, I want to ask you to join me in prayer for their power to be restored as soon as possible, Amen.
About the time I finished this post, it wasn't snowing anymore and the weather people said it will be cloudy after midnight. We didn't get to much of it, but it was enough for the kids to have a lots of fun.

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