Get Going

The girl doing Phonics

Finally back to reality, December was fun, but too many temptations for me that I'm trying to eat healthy and not spend in things I don't really have to. I wish there was a way for me to just keep it simple, but that is to much to ask. I did, somehow, manage a little, to stay away from shopping crazy and eating too much sugar, this is my first year doing this.

Doing Math

I'm so ready to get going where I left some weeks ago, ready to cook only what is good for us, and go to the store and see stuff that is more appropriate for me to buy.
Doing Reading

I just called my family to say Happy Birthday to my Pa, (Dad), today he turned... let me see, if I'm 15 now and he was 35 when I was born ,that makes him almost 40 something or 50 something, yea, I'm very good in Math... as you can see.

Then Almond woke up

And talking about Math the kids are back doing school, it wasn't easy to put down the DSi, but after some of Mom's screams, they are trying to forget that for the last week or so they were doing almost nothing, but playing with their new toys, and doing Holiday's stuff.

Here Almond joins the Reading lesson.

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