We are making a Gingerbread House, that we were supposed to make in Christmas Day, but things didn't go the way we planned. And since there is not a rule, that we know, that we can't make it after Christmas here we are, into Bob the Builder, construction mode.

I still have to finish some posts about Dec '09, the kids really want me to post them. So if its the 4th of July and you see Christmas pictures, please excuse me. Also now that Christmas is gone I kind of don't have to much to capture with my camera. I think we should celebrate Christmas all the way until it gets warmer and flowers begin blooming. Any way, I'll keep my eye open for the opportunity to take some pictures.

I guess it does not matter if I'm ready or not to move on, it is New Year! January 1st, 2010! What a year has gone by! I have many things to be grateful, I just don't know where to start. And New Years resolutions haven't made it to the piece of paper yet. But I want to take a minute and wish you a very very Happy New year, One that's full of peace, contentment, and health.

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