What did they get?

Here is what they got. The girl asked for very unique presents. I'm so proud of her! She gets such a joy out of very simple items. I want to keep it that way. Things like this is what makes me shelter her from media, places, people and what ever I feel will make her change her contentment. They got the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

She asked for this little piggy bank. By the time I posted this she has painted it like a pinata.
Here is Mocker, Locker, but his real name is Spotter.
He has a hard time standing up so I use this little block.

She asked for little blocks, we didn't know which ones, and got these two types. And here is the most colorful toy she got.
The boy is really into video games and Transformers, he even got Mom into it. I have watched the movie like a thousand times!
This is scorponok in robot mode
and then it goes in to scorpion mode.

They got the Indiana Jones, Lego game, for the DSi, this last one they didn't ask for, it was Mom's surprise.

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