The Unbreakable Code

Long time ago I met some very sweet people. Some of them were guys and some of them were girls. With the girls I felt so welcome from the first moment, they were a little shy, and spoke and laughed with a hand covering their mouth, just like me and my friends from back in my little hometown, some where in Mexico.

Here I'm talking about my Navajo friends. I wish I was more eloquent in writing, then I will know how to write so many things about this friends, and I hope that when I said that I have very, very good memories of their friendship you let your mind wonder and imagine good things of what I'm talking about.

Since then, I have been trying to learn more about them. I heard about a movie called Wind Talkers. It's about the Navajo boys and men, that were recruited to help with communications in battle against the Japanese in World War II. But because there was a time when my little ones will follow me every where I went, and the movie is rated R, I never had the chance to rent it and watch it.

I found this book in the library, in the kids section. This was one of those days when the children were reading over and over, one book I'm not so happy about. And I was in a hurry to get going. So, since my kids are in to codes, hieroglyphics, and another languages I checked it out. I'm so glad I got a hold of this book! Its beautiful illustrated with paints of the canyons, and the Navajo territory, by Julia Miner.

It is the story of a boy that has to leave the reservation, because his mom has married someone from another state. The boy is very sad to leave his home. One of the things he is scared about is that, outside the reservation people won't speak Navajo to him. Or that he will forget it. That is when his grandfather, a Navajo Code Talker from World War II, tells him he will be all right, for he has something very special to take with him, the unbreakable code that saved the lives of thousands of Americans in the Pacific during World War II, invented using the unwritten Navajo language.

This is a true story, but don't be surprised if your children question it. It is too exciting and interesting! And be prepare, you might choke up at the time you read why the grandfather had to leave the Navajo Reservation.

And that is not all about this book! At the end of it, the very clever book's author, Sara Hoagland Hunter, has included the alphabet code, the Navajo Unbreakable Code, the same one used in battle in the World War II!

This story should not be unknown! Here is a link where you can read It. If you don't get a chance to put this book in your hands and your kids, like my kids, are into codes, hieroglyphics, and languages, you can go to the Unbreakable Navajo Code site and take a look at the codes words they used in World War II.

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