A Yard Sale Got in my Way!

                  I was driving home from picking up my son, when I saw a sign that said "YARD SALE".

What was I supposed to do? I had to follow my internal GPS!

 And next thing I knew, I found myself at some people's back yard full of tables with goodies. 

Anyway, this is my loot. If are you like me, that likes to go to yard sales and find good stuff that will be useful. Then you know the feeling I have right now. I will be using all these goodies very well.

Lets start with the flower vase. Winters can be boring and colorless! So here I am like a squirrel, getting ready for the winter.
My plan is to fill my place with color this winter. My go-to colors are yellow, red, lime green, pistachio green and black. This base will fit right in!

Now, the portable lamp. I was about to go to Lowes for one. Who knew if they were having a red portable lamp! But hey, I found this one for only a dollar!

About the fishing gear organizer. Well, I already have a pile of thread spools in a organizer but  it's too hard to get into. That $5.00 organizer will do a much better job at it!

A butter dish will always come in handy.

As for the saw, I thought It would be cool to have a little saw for the delicate little things that I need to cut.  I find that electric ones will often damage little things.

That 10c. knife will do a great job at cutting the edges of my yard!

And finally, a 25c. measuring tape. This one is soo cute! And not to mention, it's Made in the USA!

The cinnamon color hand was Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico).

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