Patch Work From the Air

Would you look at this colorful patch work Nebraska farmers make!

Some weeks ago, I had a terrible need to go to Virginia. So I bought me a ticket and off I went to the East Coast. So easy to just pack and go to Virginia!

 I wish I felt the same way about coming back to Nebraska! So when the day came to return, I woke up and quickly tried to go back to sleep. In hopes that it was a bad dream. 

It didn't work! I had to head back to the Midwest.  
There will be a post about that trip coming up soon. 

In the mean time I want to share with you this beautiful view from up in the sky.


I don't know which river this is, because there are two rivers in this area, The Platte River and the Missouri River. 
I was very close to asking the pilot at the time I got off the airplane!

These pictures makes me think of a huge quilt with some type of zig-zag needle work.

When the airplane was getting close to landing , I could seen the houses and the trees.  A different type of beauty  from what I'm used to see when the leaves change color  in The Appalachians Mountains.  But here in the Great Plains the trees are still green, it's the crops of corn and soy beans that are changing colors.

In the picture below I was able to capture the  pad that the crop Irrigation System makes. Ha, it looks so tiny from up there!

I like to take pictures from the airplane's window. It might be that I don't travel a lot.  

Or just like some other "friends of mine", we love to capture moments either down here on earth or up there in the sky. 

Check them out at Flickr blog's post, Abstract flightscapes
They also have a group called "Window Seat Please". My type of "friends"! :) 
This site its full of pictures from up in the sky! 

Or you can just stay here and read all my exciting blog!


  1. It's beautiful! I tried to do this from my airplane window but there were too many scratches on the window:) Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by Las Aventuras

  2. Thanks Chris! I know what you're talking about on the airplane's windows. I had to do some "Lightroom surgery" to these pictures because the airplane's window was a little dirty.

  3. The landscape does look like a quilt from above! Beautiful pictures, I love the colors. :)