Praying Mantis in a Fall Oufit

There was a praying mantis in the bushes by the entrance of my apartment! I get excited when I'm able to see this type of bugs right here, it's like being in my garden back in Virginia! 

I like praying mantises, because they are one of gardener's best friends.
Why? Because they eat the bugs that make our beautiful plants look all bitten and ugly. 

When I'm in my garden and see  praying mantis, ladybugs, spiders or frogs, I got super happy. 
One, because they will eat the bugs that I don't want in my garden. 
Two, it means that my garden is growing in a healthy ecosystem.
 That things are happening as close as possible in a organic manner, instead of putting a bunch of insecticides and killing good and bad insects. That's not good! 
Plus, those chemicals smell terrible!

If you follow me in Instragram you have probably seen a picture of a mantis I posted some
 weeks ago. Well, I'm not sure if this is the same one. 
But I think it is, since it was in the same bushes. Right by the entrance of my apartment.

Except that this time it got a very clever camouflage outfit, a fall outfit. 
It blends in really good with those brown and green bushes as the background.

I'm even considering using some of these pictures to play I Spy.

Do you like to play I Spy? 
Yes? Good! 

I spy a mantis!


  1. Love it! We hatched quite a few praying mantis this year and saw several throughout the summer. I haven't seen any lately, though.

  2. Hi Jill, Thanks for stopping by! I used to see mantises often at my garden in Virginia. But here in Nebraska, I get to enjoy this one that lives in my apartment complex without paying rent! :)