Soft Fur for Good Mornings

This is my cat, his name is Cutie. 
Every morning when each of my family members wakes up he comes up to greet us. 
It's the sweetest thing! 
Except that some mornings I'm running late on my chores and I get mad a him for mewing at me. 
Then he and my kids give me the "I can't believe" face. 

I still think he is a blessing for our family! 
When I get to interact with him, I take him in the couch with a blanket or a jacket, as I did this morning. 
And he starts purring. Some times he gets very loud, as if I will pay him for it! 

He is also very playful, the part that I like most about Cutie.
 But I got to watch out for those little sharp claws! 

 I'm joining  Instagram hashtag #campturingblessing

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  1. what an adorable cat! so sweet!

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. really appreciate it. as for nebraska and your hope to return to virginia, i hope the winter goes quickly for you. :)