Autumn From my Window

We moved  from Virginia to Nebraska at the beginning of the school year of 2012.

I was planning to permanently move here. But it was very hard on me, when I realized how much I liked Virginia, and had to force myself to like Nebraska. 

And then the weather didn't help at all! The days started to get cold and shorter,  the snow came and things turned gloomy for me. I don't know how I made it! 
It was one of the longest winters I remember. 
(Can't forget the winter I went to Navy boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois either!)

 But before I knew it was May! 
Kids finished the school year and we visited Virginia.  Awww, It was so good!
The warm, the ocean, the mountains, Sweet Frog yogurt, my church, my garden...
 It was like paradise for me. 

We have made the decision that Nebraska is not for us. 
But kids wanted to do one more year of school in Nebraska.   

So we came back to the Midwest, again. Ay ay ay, it's soo hard! I miss my garden, the ocean,
my house and some special people from Virginia, so much!

The only good thing about this time, is that now I know what's coming. 
I know that this place will get gray, cold and full of snow.  
There will be days that the sun will come out for some hours or not at all. 

So I have switched to some type of denial, if you wan to call it that way.
I can't let the gloomy weather get me this time! 

I want to, and will try to make the best of it this time. 
I don't want to look back and remember this as a terrible time.
As I do, when I think of  the winter of 2012.  
I will adjust my doomed attitude and find the beautiful things 
God has placed right in front of  my nose!

 And just in time (God at work). I found these people on Instagram that share  pictures
of the blessings they encounter every day.
And I have joined them. I think it will help me to keep going and to appreciate the things/blessings
around me at this time of my life.  

Today's theme is autumn. I'm sharing a picture of my windows view.
I enjoy the autumn view of a birch tree's leaves changing color.

What a colorful blessing, so worthy to be captured!

I think it's so pretty, that I will also use this picture for my blog header.


  1. So pretty!

    Where were you in VA? I went to college in Harrisonburg and I miss it a bit. But I love where we live now (Oregon)

  2. We came from the Hampton Roads Area. Right by the James River and the Atlantic Ocean beaches. We will go back, and for now I'm trying to make the best of the months I have left here in Nebraska.