Street View

Today's theme for #capturingblessing is Street View. 
I went to find my picture for this challenge when the sun was almost gone.

Love how I captured the water tower besides the sun in this picture!
This is how most of the town looks like. There are cornfields right beside the neighborhoods. 

It  reminds me of my little town back at Mexico. 
When I visited Nebraska for the very first time I was surprised. 
For some reason I thought it was a Mexico thing only. (smile) 

The picture above it's going west down the hill. 

Then I turned around  to go back home.
I had to wait for the traffic before I was able to make a U turn. 
So by the time I was back on top of the hill, going east, the pictures I took were less sunlit. 
And this time I got the moon in it! 

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