It was the Tree Lighting at The Shadow Lake Town Center.
 We got about three jackets on us and went out there into the cold, it was about 31 degrees!! 

 There was not just the Tree Lighting event, The Peppermint Elves were performing too. 

The freezing temperatures were perfect for hot chocolate. The only place to get hot chocolate at that mall is at Chocolaterie Stam, so there we walked. Of course there was a long line!
But we didn't mind, because it was warm inside. Kids even started to play cards.
Then the chocolate was ready, just in time to go catch the parade!

It was so crowded and we didn't get to see much, but my kids are older so no crying kids for me.
Then we manage to get all the way to the front!

 Here is LaVista South Titan Marching Band.

This is it! Fireworks and sparkly hats made it clear that Christmas was here. 

They counted down from 10 to 0 and lights went on! So pretty!

This guy is too serious, I will not take the chance to cross the line and see what's in those present boxes.

Santa was there too. All of these kids below were waiting to have their picture taken with him. 

I had to take this picture with the flag, reminds me of the ones that won't be able to spend time with their love ones this Christmas, because of their duty to the country. I hope they get lots of cookies in the mail!


  1. a good way to usher in the christmas season. i like the fireworks shot!

  2. Beautiful shots from the tree lighting ceremony.

  3. Navidad.. ;-))) Gracias por tu amable comentario.. Un cordial saludo..

  4. This looks like you had a wonderful time. great pictures ;-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  5. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  6. Great job!! Congrats!!
    Salut from Barcelona

  7. Preciosas fotos!! Muchas gracias por pasar por mi blog y dejar tu comentario.
    Un saludo!