We finally found a place to "walk Oreo"!

 I know there are to many places in Omaha to do that, no need for a special place. 
But "walking Oreo" is the excuse we use to go out there, us 3 as a family, and have fun. 
We have many ways to have fun as family, but walking in the woods is one of our favorites. 

Back in Virginia we went to a place called Sandy Bottom Nature Park, it's very close to our house. 
Here we've tried some places in the city, but they didn't do the trick. 
So we have to drive 30 minutes away to The Platte River State Park so we can "walk Oreo."  

This time, the end of November, it was 40 degrees in Omaha. We were having a heat wave! 
We had to take Oreo out! 

We were trying to get to the Platte River and to the train tracks, but ended up at this waterfall. 
For once I was happy to be lost in Nebraska. 
I keep getting lost here, one more thing I will remember about this place

We have had great memories at this park, I should use the waterfall  picture for the blog header.

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