Borraja: Spanish name for Borage, or Starflower.

I'm surprised of all the medicinal plats my Mom has now!
She has many plants  that I only had heard about it.
But now I seen them, have touch them and even taken a picture of them!  

One of those plant  is borage.
I only have memories about this plant.
I Remember when I was a kid and got a cold my mom would say:
"Te voy a hacer un tee de borraga, mija." (I will make a tea of borage, my daughter.)
I forgot if it worked that was a loong time ago.  :)

I did some goggling on it, and found out that it's a medicinal plant also used for
inflammation, eczema, and arthritis.
And that is edible. It can be used in salads, it will taste like cucumber. Who knew! 

I like how blue flowers look among the summer blooming plants,
that's why I have grown a plant called Balloon Flower.
I will try to find borage for my garden too. I also found out that it attracts bees and humming birds.

Pictures taken on December 2013, at El Estado de Mexico, Mexico.


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  1. Such a beautiful blue plant, God did create many medicinal plants for us to use.

  2. Hi Leticia,

    You have a wise mother. This is a beautiful blue bloom.

    You'll have to plan another trip to Florida, the Sunshine state.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday!

  3. What a lovely blue color. The leaves look very much like our CO thistle. I use some medicinal plants as well - the arnica flower is very good for bruising.

  4. Never cease to be amazed about all the medicinal uses plants have! Great capture of this pretty one - the buds as well as the flowers! Thank you for commenting on my previous post:)

  5. La flor es preciosa. Y está buena con patatas y en ensaladas;)
    Un beso.

  6. what a beautiful blue plant, thanks for sharing :)

  7. This is very beautiful! I've never seen a blue star flower before. I'm so happy I see one here in your page :)

  8. I like how deep blue is the color of the flower. That is beautiful and would love to have it in my garden.