Guagolota and Pipilitos

Guagolota: Spanish name for a female turkey.
Pipillito: Spanish name for a baby turkey. 

When I found out we were going to Mexico for Christmas 
I wanted to ask my family down in Mexico to buy some type of baby animal for my kids, 
they love baby animals. 
But I got all busy preparing for the trip that I forgot to ask.

 Then when we got there, among the many news my Mom told me was that, 
her guagolota was waiting for her eggs to hatch! 
I asked her when the pipillitos were going to hatch, but she had no clue. 

But  the next day we got there, I heard them chirping! 
Mom quickly came to see if the pipilitos were hatched, and they were! 

My kids were thrilled to see and hold baby turkeys! 

Five facts about turkeys.
  1. Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey, not the Bald Eagle, the national bird of the United States!
  2. A female turkey lays 4 to 18 eggs.
  3. Males take no role in the care of young turkeys
  4. Males turkey gather in clearings to perform courtships display, they puff up their body feathers, flare their tails into a vertical fan and strut slowly while giving a characteristic gobbling call. 
  5. Only males gobble. They gobble with a distinctive sound that can be heard a mile away!


  1. Thanks so much for the turkey information! We have one tom turkey on the farm and he puffs up and struts when he sees me.

  2. How wonderful that your children got to see the baby turkeys. They are simply gorgeous.

    One thing I've learned today is that only the male turkeys gobble. I did not know that.

  3. i am curious as to how many do chickens have? egg wise? i am unsure about it. i love all the turkey details. great lesson today. thanks! ( :


  4. What a fun surprise and experience for your kids!

  5. Great info on the turkeys! And I love the photos, the hatching egg photos are cool. Wonderful shots and post. Thank you for linking up to Saturday's Critters.Have a happy weekend!

  6. they are so cute! so glad the timing was perfect for your visit!

  7. Hi thanks for visiting my post. I have another one which might interest you too. I haven't seen turkey chicks although there are old turkeys here too.

  8. The chicks are adorable! How wonderful that you got to see them when they were so young.

  9. Buena imformación de los pavos Las fotos son preciosas y entrañables. Me alegra que hables español:))
    Buen domingoy gracias por la visita ;)
    Un beso desde Béjar. Salamanca.

  10. How cool is this! Love your photos of the turkeys and the story behind them! I'm really glad we have the eagle and not the turkey as the nation's symbol!