Fast Fingers: Speedcubers

First things first, cubers take a selfie.
In the beginning of August we traveled  to the Liberty Science Center at Jersey City, 
because my daughter participated in the 2014 Rubik's Cube National Competition.

And what's a Cube Competition? In my own words: 
That's when a bunch of people that can actually solve the Rubik's cube get together 
to see who can solve it the fast, the faster and the fastest.
Or here is an article for a more detailed and fancy worded description.

This was her first time participating in a cubing competition. 
She has only been cubing for a year. We were new to these type of competitions, 
nevertheless we had fun! We got to meet cubers from all ages and from different countries!

I was surprised to see that there is not only the 3x3 Rubik's Cube, but many more. 
And there are people out there that can put these big cubes back together in minutes!

I'll  let the pictures do the talking. And I've included some YouTube videos
from the competition, just in case you have time to watch how
fast these FastFingers people can solve the  Rubik's Cube in no time.

Collin Burns from the US. He won the 3x3 with the fastest 3x3 average.

Feliks Zemdegs from Australia. This guy won  so many awards that I lost count of them!
But what do you expect? He's just fast!

Mats Valk from The Nederlands. He has the world record for solving the 3x3 in 5.55 seconds!
In my picture below he just finished solving a 5x5 cube.

Anthony Brooks from  The US. In the picture below he is solving the 3x3 one handed.
But he is a champion who holds the Guinness World Record for the most Rubik's Cubes
solved underwater, in a single breath!!

My daughter only participated in the first round, then she spent the rest of the days 
to just hanging around with other cubers, it was like heaven for her!

Kevin Hays 

And what's a Mother with a camera to do in the mean time?

I took lots of pictures, and participated in a social media contest with the the picture above 
and the picture below and won me a hat!

Sharing with you and ABC Wednesday


It would be a long, long post if I try to post the many pictures I have! 
Not to mention there was also blind folded solving,  feet solving, well it was a big event! 
Maybe I'll just share one more video where it shows the other events.


  1. I remember that my children were fond of trying to solve the Rubic's Cube. A cousin of ours could do it in no time, but I couldn't.Thanks for this post.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. Let's just say: NOT in my skill set!


  3. Fantástico reportaje. Nunca fui capaz de hacer ni una cara:((
    Se ve que lo pasásteis muy bien.
    Un beso.

  4. Ai, me! Amazing. Love the idea of "Cubers" as a group. Like chess players, these geniuses inspire us, even as they may be made fun of by the athletic groups, at least in the USA. I'd take one Cuber over a whole American football team any day!

    Celebrating brains, speed, UNDERWATER ENDURANCE (that one just killed me!), and all around sportsmanship. Your daughter must be very smart, and you must be so proud. Felicidades, mama, y lo siento porque no le tengo tildes y accentes... Amy

  5. Great post, Leticia! It's great your daughter has fun interests. I could solve a cube many years ago but totally forgot how now. My grandkids play around with them some. I can't comprehend being about to do them in seconds! Wow. What skilled kids.