Mid August at Leticia's Garden

 Today I'm joining  gardeners from around the world to share what's blooming at our gardens. 
Come and "visit" their gardens through May Dreams Gardens Blog.

At my garden I have a couple of Lantanas putting a big show. 
They are also providing nectar to various types of butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

My tall Salvia is doing great with the not so hot summer weather we have been enjoying here in Virginia.

This Gaura also is doing great with the pleasant weather. I get to enjoy these cheerful little 
flowers longer, instead of them getting burned with the scorching hot summer sun.

The Black Eyed Susan is on it's last leg. 
 Golden Finches love to feast on  it's tiny seeds.

If they don't get too ashy looking I'm planning to leave them for some winter interest.

Penstemon is one of the new plants in my garden, and doesn't have many flowers. 
Or maybe its done blooming.

Cone Flowers have given me a second round of flowers.

The Hot Lips Salvia, hummingbirds love this plant.

 These two types of Dahlias are also enjoying the cool summer.

This Dwarf Veronica keeps giving me flowers as soon as I cut the old ones.

Knock Out Rose.

My Buddleia tree is still very small, less than 2 feet.
But it's size doesn't stop it from having flowers for the butterflies.

Dwarf Plumbago

The Blanket Flower is always full of flowers! 
But I can't wait for it to get taller, maybe next year.

 This Veronica is one of those plants that were almost dying at the store. 
I think its doing better, but some times it gets all sad that I wonder if it will make it.  
It still manages to give some flowers.

I love the blue color of the Balloon Flower!  Can't wait for it to get taller too.

The following four plants are at my favorite corner of the garden.


Allium Millennium

Liriope Muscari


And this is how they look all together. 

Jony-jump-up usually doesn't last through summer in my garden. 
But  because of this year's cooler weather I have this little one giving me flowers at this time of the year!

I almost forgot about this Day lily! I believe its called 'happy returns'.  
This is a must have lily, it blooms from early season 'til frost! 
Not to mention it does good with little care. 

And that's what is currently blooming at my garden.

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  1. You have a lot of wonderful colors in your garden! Love the butterflies you captured. I can't wait for spring!

  2. Your garden is beautiful! I love the butterfly and the dahlia.

  3. I am delighted with that garden ! Lovely photos !

  4. Wonderful shots of exquisite flowers!
    Many thanks for contributing to Floral Friday Fotos!

  5. Your garden is looking wonderful! I adore that little pink Coreopsis, I prefer the colour to the yellow ones in my garden. I'd never heard of the cute name Jony-jump-up before, we call them Violas here :-) .

  6. Me gusta mucho...Precioso y colorido jardin Leticia !! A Jony-jump en España se llaman pensamientos.
    Vuelvo despues de una semana un poquillo dura .pero esto va marchando en poco creo que estaré del todo bien.
    Un beso.

  7. Hola!!!...muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, es un gran honor para mí, y me alegra mucho saber que le han gustado mis fotografías.

    He estado viendo esta serie fotográfica, bonito jardín y alegres fotografías...felicidades!!!

    Saludos...y, de nuevo, gracias por la visita!!! ;)

  8. I love your flowers, so pretty! Lantana wouldn't grow here except as an annual. Cute skipper in the first photo, it's a different one than I have here. The pink Coreopsis is really bright, I grew one little pink one from seed but they are just a regular pastel pink, and very small. I just planted Gaillardia that hasn't bloomed yet, I hope it will look like yours soon, or maybe not until next year.