Blue in November

I got this tall salvia by planting some seeds I got from the store.  
It bloomed the first year, and since then it has been one of the faithful bloomers at my garden. 
 Humming birds love it. I sometimes feel bad when most of it's flowers are dead and 
I have to cut it down, then I see the  little humming birds anxiously looking  for it.
 But a couple of weeks later it will be full of flowers again, all the way 'till frost.

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  1. Hi Leticia,

    What a gorgeous blue blooming plant you have! You should be very proud.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Hi Leticia! I really love what you added today! It is cold and rainy here so this brightened up my day! Have a great Blue Monday.

  3. Hi Leticia, Thanks for my kitten comment. I love that sweet pic.

    Your salvia looks beautiful. I need to plant some this coming summer. I love the color and the way it keeps blooming.

  4. The Salvia is beautiful! I've grown red salvia in my garden the past two years...they are such colorful and lovely plants!