Are these mushrooms good or bad? 
They look so good! And they bring back memories from when I was growing up in
Mexico. At there, there is a time when people go to the woods to pick mushrooms. I will never
 forget how delicious my Mom cooked them! Sometimes she cooked them in a green sauce
(en salsa verde), other times she would roast them and we would eat them in tacos. 
Yea, there is nothing we Mexicans don't put into a taco!

But I've also witnessed when half of a family got poisoned by eating bad mushrooms,
they didn't die, thank God! But it was very scary and the poisoned ones had to spend time 
at the hospital. So I haven't even touched these mushrooms just in case they're bad.

I also read that sometimes people eat good mushrooms in their homeland,
then they move somewhere else and eat mushrooms that look like the good ones
 from where they came from, and it turns out they're bad there.

Questions, questions! Good or bad mushrooms, they give my front 
yard a touch of the woodlands. And they make me smile when I see them 
on my old tree stump at almost the same height of my tall dahlias.

I hope your're having a great midweek, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Great photos! My whole front yard is full of little mushrooms right now...it's like a mini mushroom forest! Tis the season, I guess. I don't like them at all, so I'm not tempted in any way - other than to photograph them!

  2. I never touch a wild mushroom, not knowing good ones from the bad.
    Beautiful flowers!

  3. Get a book on local mushrooms...and check with an expert before you cook any of those pretty mushrooms!!
    Beautiful pictures.

    Q is for...

  4. I never eat wild 'shrooms; probably missed out!

  5. I would never trust my identifying skills to distinguish between good and bad but I love seeing them in the woods. I believe in France the local pharmacists are trained to identify species and they will check your pickings. Beautifully evocative photographs.

  6. I wouldn't know the only mushrooms we ate growing up came from a shop - sounds very exotic & even more lovely to have in a Taco! A lovely connection to have with your childhood to have them in your garden. Thanks for your visit to my #iamperfect post, the advert has been changed!
    Wren x

  7. Ni idea Leticia...sólo conozco los parasoles y los niscalos. No se te ocurra comerlas. El mes pasado murió una mujer por comer setas.
    Un beso.