In a Cat's World

Here is my cat spaced out into his own little world, meticulously licking his paw.
Watching my cat groom himself is a joy. He even makes licking  noises as if  he is
eating a juicy mango or enjoying a drippy melting popsicle.

While he is in his own little world I can go on taking  as many pictures of him as I want.
But as soon as he becomes aware of my presence and the camera's sound, he goes from a  very relaxed cat to a very annoyed cat. As if he's saying "How dare you come and interrupt my cleaning ritual!". 

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  1. he's so cute. they are meticulous groomers, aren't they? lovely fence backdrop, too. ;)

  2. Haha! I love your description of his thoughts! He looks like a very contented kitty...and very much like two of our cats, Skippy and Princess!

  3. Great shots! Love the cat, but also the fence and the chair. Would have been great for Theresa's Good Fences as well.

  4. I love the first shot where you share a bit of the surrounding. Your cat fits in nicely. :)

  5. Jajajja... tu gato es muy feliz!!!
    Simpáticas fotos :))))
    Un beso.