Some Of It

This is my window view, so pretty! That myrtle tree is on fire!

By now you probably have heard of what happened to 43 students from a place called 
Ayotzinapa in Mexico.  It's a very sad story! But things like these have been happening
in Mexico for awhile now. And Mexican citizens are tired of it. So in their frustration that the
government appears to not care about them, they have gone violent. If the government
is doing it's part, is hard to say! The government has to deal with the mafia which is
interweave with the government itself!  Please pray for Mexico.

Here is a video of students from around the world that want to use the social
media to show support to Ayotzinapa.

My son asked me for toothpicks.  I told him where they were and 
I guess he found them, because when I went to his room this is what I saw!

Here is  a short video of  the Veteran's Day parade at Colonial Williamsburg. 
(Please excuse the blurriness, I'm new at the making videos job.)

This is it! Today it will get down to 31 degrees! As much as I don't want to, I think is time to say good bye to my wishes of playing with the waves and feeling the warm sand between my toes! 'till next year!


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  1. #1 Lovely view through that wonderful window!
    #2 What a mess!
    #3 Going to be an architect?
    #4 Colonial Williamsburg is great, A few years ago we when for Grand Illumination, neat!
    #5 I can't wait for beach time in February!
    Neat stuff. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Bonita construcción de palillos de colores. Preciosa la foto con esa bonita vista otoñal a través de la ventana!

  3. Thanks you for stopping by, we have been seeing a great deal of coverage here in France about the missing Mexican students-this video is wonderful. So cute how your dog sits enjoying your lovely view and bravo to your son :-). Beach time is finished here too so sad...

  4. Lovely photo of the view out your window. I'm sad about the happenings in Mexico...praying for the people there.

  5. We will be in prayer for the people in Mexico and others affected by this awful mess! Love the tree across the street from you. And that son of yours has talent! Love the Willaimsburg video! I know I have told you, we miss it all so much!

  6. I have been reading many articles on what has been going on in Mexico. My heart breaks for the parents of the missing students. That is a powerful video from around the world. I hope something good will come out of it. Your son made a lovely tower out of those matchsticks, he is very creative. I also enjoyed your video of Middlesburg, you do a lot better than the ones I take :) I also enjoyed the view out of your front window, very pretty.

  7. I am just amazed at the toothpick tower your son made. On another note, I have never been in Williamsburg at the correct time to see the military members parade through the streets. I am going to have to correct that.

  8. what a gorgeous fall view. your son looks/ or should i say sounds like a very creative man (dude.). my brother still is at 40 (but when he was very young he would do art, or other projects instead of his school work ... he was just like that. too awesome! ( :

  9. Siento mucho lo de esos chicos Leticia. La televisión cuenta que hay muchas revueltas. Espero que los culpables sean castigados duramente.
    Tienes una vista muy bonita desde tu ventana. Buen trabajo ha hecho tu hijo con los palillos..
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un beso.

  10. that is just so sad about those students...i am going to watch the video...williamsburg is one of my favorite places....i like your son's toothpick tower, just don't step on it, ouch! pretty view out your window! thank you for linking and have a great weekend!

  11. Sadly events like this happen all over the world. - Much prayer is needed for manking period.
    I like the view from your window.
    Oh your son sounds like our granddaughter Coleen, that would be something she would do with toothpicks. He did a great job.
    I'd like to be on that beach soaking up some sun myself.

  12. The toothpick tower is amazing.
    And you have a priceless window view.
    The cat enjoys that.